Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Silent Microphone III is the SM2 with three improvements:

  1. HEAD STRAPS - Keep the original head straps on the mask so you don't have to use your hands to hold the SM3 while using it.

  2. FRONT MICROPHONE - A high-quality microphone (Shure Beta58a placed at the front) for higher-quality recordings.

  3. INHALE VALVE - One-direction air valve to have fresh air in one of the tubes.  One tube with inhale-only and one tube open seemed to work better than having the open tube as exhale only.



Back View

Here is the mic grill from the back view.

Shure Beta 58a microphone.  The ball grill is inside the plaster, allowing the mic to screw on and off.

Here is the one-way inhale valve at the end of one of the tubes.

The SM3 is very front heavy.  Use a large dry sponge as a brace between the bottom of the mic and the upper chest.